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Akoma ntoaso - the Adinkra symbol of shared effort and obligation or collective work and responsibility is what embodies Ujima Company, Inc.  The Adinkra symbol Ujima is a Swahili word and the third principle of Kwanzaa.  It is used to represent Ujima Company Inc. Due to its global meaning and use, it is imperative Ujima Company, Inc. accompanies the symbol.

Logo Use

The primary use of our logo is to promote our involvement in your organization, event/presentation or press.  We require our logo is not deconstructed and represented in Cardinal for the symbol and Black or White for our name.  The approved logo can be downloaded here on our Brand Guideline page.


Do use the logo for advertisement when we will be present at an event/performance, for any partnerships we are involved in or approved press.

Do use the the Adinkra symbol and our name together.

Do use the the Adinkra symbol and our name together.

Do ensure our logo is equal in size to neighboring icons when applicable.

Brand Guidelines

Don't animate or fabricate objects in the form of our logo without expressed permission.

Don't modify any parts of our logo in any way, such as by changing the design, scale or color.  If you can't use the correct color due to technical limitations, use Black or White.